Benefits of choosing Archstone as construction service provider for your residential project
Benefits of choosing Archstone as construction service provid...
Benefits of choosing Archstone as construction service provider for your residential project

Single Point of Contact: Dealing directly with the primary contractor simplifies communication and streamlines project management. There's a single point of contact for coordination, reducing the risk of miscommunication.

Better Control and Accountability: With no subcontractors involved, the primary contractor maintains greater control over the project. This ensures consistent quality standards and accountability for all aspects of the work.

Enhanced Coordination: Without multiple subcontractors, scheduling and coordination become more straightforward. The primary contractor has better control over timelines, leading to potentially smoother project execution.

Reduced Complexity: Non-subcontracting projects can be less complex to manage. There's no need to navigate multiple contracts, relationships, or hierarchies among various subcontractors.

Maintained Reputation: As the primary contractor oversees all aspects of the project, any issues or successes directly reflect on their reputation. This can incentivize them to uphold high standards throughout the project.

Consistency in Work Quality: With a single team handling the entire project, there's a higher chance of consistent work quality and adherence to standards, as the primary contractor is solely responsible for the outcome.

Possibility of Cost Savings: By eliminating subcontractor markups and potential overheads, non-subcontracting projects might have the potential for cost savings for both the contractor and the client.

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